Re: update on Firefox with NVDA

Sharni-Lee Ward

So it's true that the latest update makes Firefox nigh unusable?

I really do hope you all fix this issue, as Firefox is my main browser and I am holding off on updating NVDA until this ceases to be a problem.

On 9/04/2021 9:36 am, Bob Cavanaugh wrote:
Hi all,
I'm not sure how much this will help track down and squash the bug
that's causing computers to bog down when NVDA and Firefox are used
together, but I found something this morning that could provide a
clue. My machine was being particularly unruly this morning, so I
attempted to restart NVDA. Usually, this works flawlessly, but not
this time. When I tried to restart, NVDA didn't restart, instead hung
around for a few minutes then crashed. I was only made aware of this
by firing up Narrator and discovering that I had been closing Firefox
windows all along.

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