Re: update on Firefox with NVDA

Bob Cavanaugh

It's been my experience that it's not the latest version, this has
been happening for quite some time, at least since I've had Firefox.
The original thread about this from a couple weeks ago seemed to
suggest that the circumstances varied, but in my case, I'm okay if I
keep just one or two windows open at a time, but if I open several, I
start having problems. This has been an issue since before I started
using Firefox as a primary browser in December.

On 4/9/21, Sharni-Lee Ward <> wrote:
So it's true that the latest update makes Firefox nigh unusable?

I really do hope you all fix this issue, as Firefox is my main browser
and I am holding off on updating NVDA until this ceases to be a problem.

On 9/04/2021 9:36 am, Bob Cavanaugh wrote:
Hi all,
I'm not sure how much this will help track down and squash the bug
that's causing computers to bog down when NVDA and Firefox are used
together, but I found something this morning that could provide a
clue. My machine was being particularly unruly this morning, so I
attempted to restart NVDA. Usually, this works flawlessly, but not
this time. When I tried to restart, NVDA didn't restart, instead hung
around for a few minutes then crashed. I was only made aware of this
by firing up Narrator and discovering that I had been closing Firefox
windows all along.

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