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Evidently, you are saying you don't find a combo box or any structure corresponding to those lines. That's what I wanted to clarify. Your talk of using page down or enter and page down is confusing because that isn't the way to open combo boxes. You use enter on a combo box to go into forms mode or turn off browse mode, whatever your screen-reader calls it. If a combo box contains java script, once you are in forms mode. the command to open the combo box is control down arrow. You never use page down for this purpose with or without control. If you wish, you can issue the open command on any combo box whether it uses JAVA Script or not, though it will only affect the operation if it has JAVA script.

Since you are saying that you see no combo box, it may be there but not accessible to a screen-reader. You may not be able to work with it.

I have two suggestions. They are worth trying, but I'm doubtful they will work.

One is to try another browser and another screen-reader. You never know what the result might be. To discuss which other browser would be good to try, we have to know which one you are using now.

Here is the other suggestion:
If you are using JAWS, turn off the virtual PC cursor with JAWS key z. Now, tab and see if you see a combo box you didn't see before. Once you have finished looking, use the same command, JAWS key z to turn on the virtual pc cursor again.

If you are using NVDA, use the command NVDA key space to do the same thing and tab as discussed above. When finished, use the same command, NVDA space bar, to turn on browse mode again.


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Hello NVDA,

Gene, and all, the problem occurs with this application form, (see
sample in my previous post) that each question has the "choose one"
command. The combo-box may be embedded on the line that says, choose
I was using page down and enter, or enter and page down to force the
combo-box to open on earlier application questions, such as address,
city, and state; the state to choose was in a combo-box.
I had to often repeat page down enter, or enter page down, to get it
to behave as wanted.

If I down arrow, as in the sample sent, other questions follow until
the end and one reads
I guess the question is more how to force a combo-box to open if it is
truly embedded.

Luke, I am reluctant to try the thing you suggested in NVDA tools, I
am unaware of that feature.

Sorry to hear that shift-control-f doesn't work, but will try Jackie's
suggestion, NVDA-enter on the line in question.

David C. Russell, Author

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