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David Moore

I was totally blind in high school in the early '80s! I learned then, that the Slash and star keys Ment divide or multiply! I don't remember how, either someone told me, but I did a lot of calculations on in IBM PC in the middle 80s. I cannot imagine that a totally blind person could use a computer for any length of time and not know that! This concerns me a great deal! I have always had many sided friends, family, and others describing things for me! I believe that is the root problem here for so many blind individuals. They do not have enough sided people in their life describing and interacting with what they do as a blind person. I have cited friends who I have taught English one Braille to, alphabet and numbers, and they can use a slate and stylus. These friends are so interested in how I do things. I think we need to learn how a sided person sees, does, and how the sided persons experience is when they work with technology. It really helps me, I know that, to visualize in if I know how a screen of a phone looks to a sided person, it helps me so much to visualize that in my head. Caveat, though, I did have a little reading vision until I was 12. Maybe that is the entire difference for me, I don't know! I actually learned as a child how everything looked like in print! I wonder if that makes a difference right there! Take care guys, very interesting discussion.

On Fri, Apr 9, 2021, 5:56 PM Gene <gsasner@...> wrote:
I see no reason to believe I am unique.  I took a good training course, I
looked at screen-reader documentation in the late nineties when I was first
learning Windows, and I didn't have the slash and star keys described as
divide or multiply.  I learned it later, I don't recall how.  for all I
know, I may have learned it by using the key describer.  On what do you base
your contention or assumption that blind computer users generally know this?

All I said is that the keys be identified as both when discussing mouse
movement.  that is not unreasonable, given what I suspect is the experience
of a good many blind people.  If your impression is based on formerly
sighted people knowing this, that isn't a valid basis.  People who were
blind when they start learning about computers may well not have been taught
these numpad keys as mathematical functions.

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On Fri, Apr 9, 2021 at 12:49 PM, Sarah k Alawami wrote:
I don't use, and have never used a number pad-
Which, Sarah, makes you a member of a very tiny minority of computer users,
sighted or blind.   Again, knowing when one is far from the mean in a bell
curve distribution is a pretty vital skill.

One does not create documentation "for the masses" that covers each and
every rare eventuality.  In fact, if one wants it to be as succinct as
possible, one avoids doing precisely that.

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