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In focus mode, Control+NVDA+F "appears" to invoke Control+F - that's because
whatever key that's assigned to NVDA key is passed straight to the
app/document you are interacting; for example, if Insert key is assigned as
NVDA modifier key, when you press Control+NVDA+F while in focus mode, what
the web browser will see will be Control+Insert+F.

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On Fri, 9 Apr 2021, Joseph Lee wrote:

NVDA tries its best to avoid assigning app native commands to its own
functions unless a feature the app command invokes is not working well
Because Control+F is a browser command, NVDA does not assign it to its own
find command.

Which raises the obvious question: is the browser find command's search
feature "working well" from NVDA's prospective?

Most people probably think it doesn't, because in browse mode it has no

However in focus mode, it does, in fact, work as one would expect.

You therefore have options for searching in both browse mode and focus mode:

browse mode using the NVDA feature invoked by NVDA+Control+F; and in focus
mode by Control+F or NVDA+Control+F.

Further, since in focus mode, the NVDA+control+F command actually invokes
Control+F (I.E. the NVDA aspect is ignored), you can just learn the one
command--NVDA+Control+F--and you will get the correct behavior in either

I have never had cause to search in focus mode, but I can imagine
where it's necessary.

Now, all that said, I think NVDA's insistence in not overriding the browser
command in this circumstance is a bit pedantic.

The browser find command does not have any meaningful effect in browse mode.
Therefore, it is not "working well", as Joseph says.
Furthermore, browse mode is an NVDA layer over the browser, that is not
native. However it looks browser native as far as most users are concerned.
The more user friendly option here would be to provide Control+F as the find

feature invocation in browse mode. We see on this list, in this discussion
others, how much confusion it causes; and since browse mode is its own,
non-browser, layer over the page, we wouldn't really be overriding the
command, which is only effective in focus mode.

Fortunately, this is not hard to remap in input gestures, if you are so

But that's just one user's opinion, and differs from my usual "learn the
way" thought process.


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