Re: Find On Page

Luke Davis

On Fri, 9 Apr 2021, Joseph Lee wrote:

In focus mode, Control+NVDA+F "appears" to invoke Control+F - that's because
whatever key that's assigned to NVDA key is passed straight to the
app/document you are interacting
My apology, I should have said it invokes the find feature, not invokes control+F.

Although, my point in that side comment holds, I think--NVDA+Control+F, no matter which NVDA modifier you use, does in fact invoke the browser find feature when in focus mode, at least in the browsers I've tested (Firefox, Brave, Edge).

To me using NVDA+Control+F in both places is a less reasonable thing to do than remapping the NVDA browse mode find key to Control+F, but I'm all about options.

My larger argument was that in browse mode (though I admit to being far from any expert on virtual buffers and tree interceptions), users aren't directly interacting with the browser. The browser find in the browse mode context is not a feature that performs any useful function, as far as I can tell, so why expose it?
Assuming that is a valid point, if we stop exposing it, what then prevents us from using the same key (Control+F) to perform browse mode finds? We wouldn't be (aren't now) obscuring or duplicating some useful feature of the browser.


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