Re: [Solved] Activating the Mouse with NVDA

Luke Davis

Back to the original issue, David Russell wrote:

Gene, and all, the problem occurs with this application form, (see
sample in my previous post) that each question has the "choose one"
command. The combo-box may be embedded on the line that says, choose
Along with the excellent suggestions from others, may I suggest that when you get to the line with the combo box on it, you press the letter f, to jump to the next formfield? This might move you to whatever these combo boxes are.
Then try the space key to "activate" them (or do as others have suggested).

I do remind you to check your browse mode settins, and make sure you have "use browse mode on page load" checked. Also perhaps uncheck the one before it: "use screen layout when supported".
I described the first of these in an earlier message to you.

> I was using page down and enter, or enter and page down to

I'm not sure where you got page down in this context, but I'm pretty sure it has no value for moving between or within fields, and in fact will make you miss lots of content.

If I down arrow, as in the sample sent, other questions follow until
the end and one reads
Continue should say "button" after it. If it doesn't, your settings are very strange.

Luke, I am reluctant to try the thing you suggested in NVDA tools, I
am unaware of that feature.
It's in the user manual. And it can't hurt anything.
But that's your choice.


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