Re: Word, reading table description

Sandra Pilz

Hi Ben,

Thanks for your help, I didn't know this shortcut. It even works when I don't activate Browse Mode.



Am 09.04.2021 um 23:20 schrieb benmoxey@...:

Hi Sandra


  1. Activate Browse mode by using the toggle, NVDA + space.
  2. Press NVDA + D )(for delta) from within the table.






From: <> On Behalf Of Sandra Pilz
Sent: Saturday, 10 April 2021 6:47 AM
Subject: [nvda] Word, reading table description




When I create a table in Microsoft word, provide an alternative text and a description in the table properties, NVDA will announce the alternative Text as I navigate to the table and it will also say "has description". However, I am not sure what I would need to do in order to hear or read the description. Can someone help?


Thank you.



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