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Hi all,

The Mosen at large podcast is definitely worth listening to, it's
quite disturbing. Mike Calvo and Matt Campbell developed a free Google
Chrome extension which disables this overlay on any website it
encounters with no need for the user to do anything, it's all
automatic. They said their working on an Edge and Firefox version as
well. Here's the link to the extension on the Google Play store, it's
called "AccesiByeBye".


On 4/10/21, Jonathan COHN via
<> wrote:
This site is usingaccessiBe overlay to modify their page. Jonathan Mosen did
a entire show just about this overlay. I have a few opinions on this, but
will be refraining and speaking them here.

On Apr 10, 2021, at 13:10, David Russell <>

Hello NVDA,

For the sake of update or summary, thanks everyone for your input into
this topic.
I am curious to know a little more about the option to use what is
called 'screen reader mode.'
Is this a way for websites to make their offerings or content more
accessible to those using screen readers?

Can a website detect when someone is visiting their website and
cookies gather what browser they are using and specialized
On Thursday, it appeared I was just one of the fray interested in
applying to On Friday, the screen reader mode option was
read to me.

I gather from the information in the NVDA manual, and that found at
other websites like computer, that there are different ways
to use the mouse together with NVDA. Is that a correct assumption?

Like Sarah, I too learn what I have to do in order to accomplish what
I do on the computer or any mobile device. Hence, my skills, too, are
perhaps limited or defined.

I will check back when the daily summary appears in my inbox on Sunday
to read what replies may appear. Again, much thanks!

David C. Russell, Author

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