Re: [Solved] Activating the Mouse with NVDA

Steve Nutt

Also, other screen reader manuals refer to them as star and slash, so they should at least be referenced as such.

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Subject: Re: [nvda] Activating the Mouse with NVDA

That may be but I think the other way to refer to the keys should be given, perhaps in parenthesis. So numpad divide might be listed as numpad divide (slash). I generally see these keys referred to as slash and star, as I recall in discussions on various blind user lists I'm on.


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On Thu, Apr 8, 2021 at 05:47 PM, David Russell wrote:
wonder what is meant by commands numpad-divide or numpad-multiply?- Exactly what they say. There are conventions for referring to specific keys on and surrounding the Number Pad as there are on the regular keyboard, and the 4 primary operations are:

Multiply - which is always the star/asterisk if you are looking at the character
Divide - which is always the slash
Plus - self explanatory
Minus - also pretty much self explanatory, but one could also say it's
the dash/hyphen

It is far more conventional to refer to number pad keys by their actual mathematical function, not as though they were alternative ways to enter those four text characters, but you can, of course, use them that way, as they can serve that purpose whether or not number lock is on.

The NVDA documentation follows the most common terminology for making reference to those key, by mathematical sign/function.

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