ObjPad 21.04.1 and Resouce Monitor 21.04/21.04.1 released #addonrelease


Hi all,

ObjPad and Resource Monitor add-on updates are now available. These updates prepares the add-on to support newer NVDA releases. For folks using Resource Monitor, depending on update channel, you’ll get 21.04 (dev) or 21.04.1 (stable) – don’t worry, as these versions are identical.


Key highlights:

  • ObjPad 21.04.1: requires NVDA 2020.1 or later. Support for this add-on has ended officially in 2019 but an emergency release was made to support newer NVDA releases.
  • Resource Monitor 21.04/21.04.1: requires NvDA 2020.4 or later. This version changes the way NVDA announces resource summary when you copy it to clipboard by pressing resource commands twice (for example, NVDA will announce “copied” followed by average CPU usage information when you press NVDA+Shift+number row 1 twice).


As always, these updates can be fetched via Add-on Updater.



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