Re: the talk tonight


I agree, sadly an hour in barely 30 minutes after start I had to go for lunch, household chores, and well a few other things.
One suggestion I have always had over addons which I never got to during the talk was that I wander if we could expand the functionality of the nvda addon manager.
Be able to search for addons, display all addons and either choose the dev or the stable version tabs of the manager.
Basically a frontend for the addons site similar to what mozilla uses it would be good.
we could also have a tab for tutorials and other interesting casts and links to who knows.
It could be part of nvda and maybe a sepperate thing who knows.

On 15/03/2016 2:24 p.m., Scott VanDeWalle wrote:
Hello Joseph and all.
First of all I wanted to say thanks Joseph, that was fun to listen to.
I will have to reinstall the plugin though because I tried to talk and
it didn't work i think.
But, thanks again.
Maybe some day I'll actually get to talk to you all in voice during one
of these things.

I'm planning to be there during at least some of the nvda con sessions.
Sounds like it'll be fun.

Well, that is all for now.

Talk to you all later.

Scott V


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