Re: unable to disable add ons for a given config profile?

Luke Davis

Joseph Lee wrote:

It is possible to let add-ons detect profile switches and "disable"
themselves if a different app is in use (it requires add-ons to listen to
config profile switched action and respond by removing/assigning gestures on
the fly; it may not work for custom gestures).
That would require each add-on to implement some kind of solution to this. Very fragmentary at best.

After thinking more about this, a possible solution has occurred to me.

Someone could write a "Disable Add-ons in Config Profiles" add-on (perhaps with a better name).

That add-on could listen for profile changes as Joseph described, and if the profile matches something pre-configured, have it look up all of another add-on's gestures, snapshot them, and disable them.

That could be done with manager.userGestureMap.getScriptsForAllGestures (as I do in the Numpad Nav Mode add-on).
Which I think would work fine for custom gestures, unless I'm forgetting something.

Then, on reversion to default or any other profile, reverse the process.

Provide a settings panel which lists available profiles, and gives a selection of add-ons which can be enabled or disabled in it.
(Really, just enabling/disabling their keyboard shortcuts).

I doubt I'd want to see that in core though. It seems as if it might be fragile; but as an add-on I could see it working.


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