Re: unable to disable add ons for a given config profile?

Sarah k Alawami

That's fine. I don't really mind. Take your time in doing what ever it is you need to do to fix the sapi4 issues, as crashing voices is higher priority in my mind.

Take care all.


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On 13 Apr 2021, at 16:06, Joseph Lee wrote:

It is possible to let add-ons detect profile switches and "disable"
themselves if a different app is in use (it requires add-ons to listen to
config profile switched action and respond by removing/assigning gestures on
the fly; it may not work for custom gestures). In reality, you are not
making add-ons disable themselves completely - you are effectively going to
let add-ons tell NVDA that they don't want to respond to hotkeys as long as
you are focused in a specific window. Python doesn't have a facility to
arbitrarily unload modules once imported.
Right now NV Access and several testers are trying to resolve a really
critical issue for SAPI4 synthesizer users. Specifically, NVDA crashes if
trying to use SAPI4 synthesizers. Hopefully it can be resolved before 2021.1
beta is released, but if not, one of the following could happen:
* NVDA may need to use older and thus quite insecure version of Python
(Python 3.7 has entered security fixes mode, so only source code releases
will be made), and this is based on a dump analysis from Mick Curran from NV
Access who noted that this issue is specific to Python 3.8 and later.
* It appears the issue might be something to do with a library Python uses,
and if yes, we need to talk to Python core developers so they can resolve it
by the time Python 3.10 comes out later this year.
* We may need to say goodbye to built-in support for SAPI4 speech
I have several NVDA pull requests lined up and/or are undergoing planning
phase, but due to SAPI4 issue and a host of other problems, I have informed
NV Access that I'll target most of my pull requests for 2021.2 or later. Put
it simply, I won't expect Sarah's suggestion to be worked on anytime soon.

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On Mon, 12 Apr 2021, Sarah k Alawami wrote:

look at maybe reassigning those until you can disable addons in a config


For the record (Joseph could speak much better about this), that seems very
unlikely to happen, and certainly not any time soon.
Some major portions of NVDA would have to be rewritten to facilitate it, and
there just isn't that kind of demand. Or, perhaps more accurately, there are
lots of things that are in much higher demand.

Now, I could see profile based gesture maps coming much sooner, which may
solve the kind of problem you are trying to address. Although I don't know
of any work currently being done in that area.

If you want that, comment about it here please:


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