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David Goldfield

The SAPI version of Eloquence allows you to use the voices with other screen readers or with other third-party programs which offer speech output supporting SAPI 5. The benefit to Code Factory’s NVDA addon is that, as someone else already indicated, you get the Vocalizer voices in the same package although it only works using NVDA since it is a specific addon for that screen reader. I read a comment from another list member in an earlier thread that the true lower quality Vocalizer voices aren’t included and this may be correct. This personally never bothered me as I prefer the higher-quality Vocalizer voices. Overall, the addon works well and is very responsive although I think that the built-in Espeak voices are going to be the most responsive voices with NVDA.



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Easiest way is to go to atguys.com and buy either the sapi or addons for eloquence and vocaliser.

I would personally buy the sapi  and then forget about it but yeah thats basically it.

Install the launchers, activate them, then download your voices and go nuts.



On 14/04/2021 6:17 am, Maria Reyes wrote:

Hi I got a new computer and just installed NVDA! How do I get Eloquence?

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