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Which did you try re installing the copy of nvda or the browser?

So the resetting of the browser did not work?

Did you try the portable copy of nvda to see if it works correctly with the browser some times it is better to grab a new copy of nvda  then try it as a temp copy to see if you get the same results. If it works correctly in the browser, then I would do a reset of nvda. But when you do that make sure that you turn it off then back on and get the message you get when you first install nvda.

There is a setting in the nvda menu that will set it back to factory defaults.

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On 14/04/2021 2:50 pm, Casey Mathews wrote:

Thanks, that didn’t work.

I even tried reinstalling it. I also tried the com fixing tool, restarted and tried again. Nothing.



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Sent: Tuesday, April 13, 2021 7:20 PM
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I have not had to do this for a while as when you have troubles with the browser and this sounds like the same I had a few years back but resetting the browser fixed the problem in those cases. This was both in fire fox and recently in google browser it would speak stuff only if I tabbed but no browse mode etc and in the case of fire fox you could not interact with the browser apart from the menus.


the following page if you do go down this track can be fund at

try some of the other steps from other people and also try another copy of nvda if you have it on a portable to see if the same problem happens and if it does I am guessing the browser is the problem but if it works well with the portable on fire fox then have to look closer at nvda.


As suggested also use the comm tool in nvda and see if that fixes the problem. it is all ways after doing that shut down the pc completely not sleep mode then start up the pc.


if it was saying that in all the browsers and also down on the running application area there might be another way but it sounds like it is not this other problem.


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On 14/04/2021 12:36 pm, Casey Mathews wrote:

Whenever I open Firefox I hear NVDA say Unknown.

At this point I’m unable to tab or do anything in the browser other than get into menus.

This only happens in Firefox. Chrome and Edge work fine.

I’m running NVDA 2020.4 and Windows 10 21H1 (64-bit) build 19043.899

An NVDA error log is below, but not sure what to make of it as I’m not a developer.


displayText: exception: cannot unpack non-iterable NoneType object

IAccessibleObject: <POINTER(IAccessible) ptr=0x73947c8 at a584cb0>

IAccessibleChildID: -16777238

IAccessible event parameters: windowHandle=919304, objectID=-4, childID=-16777238

IAccessible accName: exception: (-2147024809, 'The parameter is incorrect.', (None, None, None, 0, None))

IAccessible accRole: exception: (-2147024809, 'The parameter is incorrect.', (None, None, None, 0, None))

IAccessible accState: exception: (-2147024809, 'The parameter is incorrect.', (None, None, None, 0, None))

IAccessible accDescription: exception: (-2147024809, 'The parameter is incorrect.', (None, None, None, 0, None))

IAccessible accValue: exception: (-2147024809, 'The parameter is incorrect.', (None, None, None, 0, None))



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