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I suspect there is something wrong with Youtube. On another list there is discussion that comments canbe be seen with Edge but not with one or two other browsers.

Also, because the person asking the question has been seeing them before and something must have changed.

I tried looking for comments on a page and I didn't find them even though I skimmed down the page to allow it to change.


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Although there is something which acts like an edit field to "add a public comment", it's done in such a way that it isn't actually a traditional edit field, so you can't find it by navigating by edit field or even form field. The best way I've found to get to it is:

1. Press NVDA+control+f to open NVDA's find function.
2. Type the word "comments" (without quotes)
3. Press ENTER to move to the first instance of the word.
4. Press TAB twice to move past "Sort by" and onto the edit field.

I have found that sometimes everything hasn't loaded and it can't find comments. In this case, escape the error dialog, press CONTROL+END to jump to the bottom of the page, then up arrow and it's usually actually at the comments - YouTube seems to load the video and then related / suggested videos, then after that the comments, and sometimes it doesn't load the comments until you actually scroll down to the bottom of the page to get to them.

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On Wed, Apr 14, 2021 at 12:10 PM Robert Mendoza <lowvisiontek@...> wrote:
Not sure if this problem occurs with the NVDA but I will give a shot to
discuss here.

Does anyone could noticed in the youtube website the comment section is
not displaying. Well, this is the second time I noticed this and
observing and tried to shift to different browser but no luck.


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