Re: comment section in you tube is not displaying

Quentin Christensen

When I was exploring before, I tried in both Firefox and Chrome.  I did find a couple of times it hadn't yet loaded the comments, which was why I thought it was waiting until the focus actually was at the bottom to load them - Either way, it is very slow.  I think it's just that sluggishness rather than a browser issue, but that's just a guess.

On Wed, Apr 14, 2021 at 2:33 PM Luke Davis <luke@...> wrote:
The old trick of pressing Control+End, then shift+2 (to go back to the previous
heading level 2), still works to find comments.

However, Youtube is taking longer than ever to show comments now--I just had
timings of 3 seconds on one video, and 15 or so on another, before the Shift+2
actually worked.

However--I might test this more--if you pause the video (by hitting K, or
NVDA+F2 then K), then do the Control+End, Shift+2, that may load the comments
quicker. It seemed to in one test I did.

I don't generally use Youtube by computer, so YMMV, but these were my results in
Firefox just now.


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