Re: How to use eventHandler.requestEvents



I think one way to distinguish between these two would be the scope of the question:

  • Add-ons list is there for add-on authors to congregate and talk about add-on writing.
  • If the question is about NVDA Core (screen reader) development itself, then it might be better suited on the development list.

There is some overlap, but I think the above criteria is one way of distinguishing between the two.






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On Wed, Apr 14, 2021 at 11:38 AM, Joseph Lee wrote:

The add-ons list does discuss coding but is geared towards add-on authoring, which I think is the intent behind the question.

And you'd be far better at reading between the lines for the intent behind this question than I am.  Thanks for that additional pointer.  I'm never quite sure which of the development focused groups is best to direct someone to, and I try to avoid doing so unless the question is clearly development related.

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