Re: How to use eventHandler.requestEvents



I see. Do you know if this event is mapped to an existing NvDA event? One way to find out is running AccEvent, part of Windows SDK tools. If not, it will involve some runtime under the hood changes to let NvDA recognize this event (not sure how to do this for Microsoft Active Accessibility, but it’s a bit involved in UI Automation; based on Windows 10 App Essentials add-on source code in front of me, it involves runtime manipulation of UIA events map; at least that’s the high-level overview, so let’s discuss this on a different list).




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Subject: Re: [nvda] How to use eventHandler.requestEvents


"focusChanged" is an SAP event, not a NVDA event. I want NVDA to be able to listen to this SAP event and handle it the same way as NVDA handles it own events.
I think I misunderstand not only requestEvents but also some other event related stuff in NVDA, so I'll check your suggested example and lurk around in the suggested groups to figure out what I actually want.



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