Re: webvisum


the last version of webvisum is now 0.95 and it signed and its valid
between all adons of firefox!
you can use it without any worried!
i use it in firefox version 39 without any problem.
God bless you and thanks for asking.

On 9/10/16, Roger Stewart <paganus2@...> wrote:
WebVisum is working just fine here and I'm running the latest version of
Firefox--48.02. Hope this helps. If you're running something odd like
betas or nightly try builds, maybe it won't work but if you use the
current stable version, all should be good to go.


On 9/9/2016 5:32 PM, Governor staten wrote:

Does it still work, and if so, what version of Firefox does it work
with? I doesn't appear to work with the NIghtly versions.


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