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Further to Quentin’s great suggestions, try the Word shortcut Control + Shift + G (for golf) to bring up the document statistics. Press escape when done to return to your place in the document.


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There isn't an NVDA setting for that.  Theoretically it could be possible with an add-on, but I can't think of one which does it.


There are a couple of things you can do to regularly check the word count, which is displayed in the status bar:

1) Press F6 to jump to the status bar.  There are a number of other values here, so next press the right arrow to move to word count.  Press SHIFT+F6 to move back to the document.  Next time you press F6, the focus will jump straight to word count.


2) Press NVDA+end (NVDA+shift+end if using laptop keyboard layout).  This reads the status bar.  As noted, there are a number of other pieces of information here.  While you can't reorder them, you can remove things you don't want.  Again, press F6 to move to the status bar then the applications key to open the context menu.  Press the down arrow to move through the list and spacebar to check and uncheck any items.  Note that the state of the checkbox isn't reported.  This is a known issue, but for now you'll just have to remember what is and isn't checked.  If you would like to comment on the issue, it is this one:





On Sun, Apr 11, 2021 at 2:47 AM farhan israk <> wrote:

I am using latest nvda and microsoft word 2016. Is it possible to change settings so that nvda will announce word numbers automatically after each 5 or 10 words?



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