Re: Windows magnifier add on for nvda

Sascha Cowley

I have used this add-on. Unfortunately, I cannot recommend it, as it makes both NVDA and Windows Magnifier rather sluggish on both the machines I tested it on. Both were running Windows 10, but I imagine the add-on would work on Windows 8, and possibly even 7 (I believe the base Magnifier infrastructure hasn't changed since then, though I am not certain).

Also, note that it's not listed as being compatible with NVDA 2020.4. While it did work when I just installed it to make sure I had the same experience as previously, during installation, NVDA informed me that the add-on failed to install and I had to restart NVDA to get the installation progress dialog to go away. Upon restarting, the add-on had installed, though I'm not sure if this issue had any effect on the performance of the add-on, NVDA, or Windows Magnifier.

I may take a look at the source code of the add-on at some point to see if I am able to improve it, as it is something I would find useful as well.

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