Re: NVDA Speech Dict: Match pattern after line of certain pattern


Ok understood, thanks.

Luke Davis 於 16/4/2021 7:28 寫道:

William wrote:

If I want to configure NVDA speech dict to match pattern that occur after certain patter of line, is it possible?

While regular expressions are capable of this, NVDA is not, because of how it processes dictionaries.

I wrote a test file:


And did a say-all on it.
This, from the log, is how NVDA processes that event:

Input: kb(desktop):NVDA+downArrow
Speaking [CallbackCommand(name=say-all:lineReached), 'test1\r\n', CallbackCommand(name=say-all:lineReached), 'test2\r\n', CallbackCommand(name=say-all:lineReached), 'test3\r\n', CallbackCommand(name=say-all:lineReached)]

Ignoring the stuff not in single quotes, you can see that each line is handled, and therefore processed, separately.
It is little different than using your arrow key to read the text line by line.

You could commission someone to write an add-on for you to do this if you really need it, but NVDA can't do it by default.


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