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I doubt the version of Drop Box matters.  I don't think any version will work.  If older versions work, I don't know if there is a way to stop updates.  Drop Box is not intended to allow the user to control whether updates occur.  When not tampered with or the function blocked in some way, Drop Box always updates itself to the current version.  But I suspect that the site knows if you are using XP regardless of which version you are using and will sign you out.  Others may have information that contradicts what I think but that's what I think. 
I don't know how useable the actual site is but you can work with files on the site still if you use XP. 

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i heard someone that dropbox does not support xp anymore.
there is a question.
is it possible to use previous versions of dropbox on xp without updating it?

On 9/9/16, Brian's Mail list account <bglists@...> wrote:
>  Either uninstall it or stop it from running at start up. although you
> cannot log in the software still seems to be updating and trying to do
> things on my computer, resulting in some cases in excessive processor load
> from msse and freezing of nvda after it tries to run after an update.
>  I simply used msconfig to turn it off  dropbox that is, at start up and
> then restarted and have had no further issues. Its verynaughty of them not
> to properly disable the product  when they cut off xp users.
> Brian
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