Re: Can NVDA monitor a set area of the screen?


You can't do it in NVDA. If that is required, you will have to use another sscreen-reader. If you want to try to find someone to create an NVDA script for a specifric program or programs, you may be able to do that.

And I don't think JAWS is particularly bloated if you don't have the OCR section installed, and whether that is bloat depends on whether you intend to use it.


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I was a long time window-eyes user, now using jaws which is a very
bloated program.
In both of these programs one could set up a window around a portion of
the screen and read it with a hot key.
can this be done with nvda?
I have only just downloaded nvda to try it, and find it very snappy.
it does'nt lose focus like jaws!

Cheers Robin.
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