Re: Can NVDA monitor a set area of the screen?


Also, I haven't used JAWS for years. I don't know if the focus problem is a general one or a problem with your system. And NVDA doesn't have a screen echo setting, as JAWS does. That is, you can't change screen echo from highlighted, the default, to all or none. This may not matter to most users but it may to some.

In short, I very much llike NVDA and it is very important that a good free Windows screen-reader be available to blind people. NVDA will meet the needs of a lot of users well but as with any screen-reader, there are things it doesn't do or do as well as another and other screen-readers shouldn't be just written off as possibilities for users to consider.


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I was a long time window-eyes user, now using jaws which is a very
bloated program.
In both of these programs one could set up a window around a portion of
the screen and read it with a hot key.
can this be done with nvda?
I have only just downloaded nvda to try it, and find it very snappy.
it does'nt lose focus like jaws!

Cheers Robin.
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