locked Re: Where to send suggestions for NVDA?

Sarah k Alawami

There is an add on that will already do this. Next time though submit your stuff in github. You will get a lot of us who can comment and modify code, I am not one of those who can code though.


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On 16 Apr 2021, at 10:06, Fernando Henrique Botelho wrote:

Dear all,


Where should small suggestions for changes or improvements to NVDA be sent?


For example, here is one:


Right now the command NVDA+S will switch from speech mode talk to speech mode off, to speech mode beeps, and then back.


I have no idea why or who uses speech mode beeps, but I suspect it is much less used than the two other modes. It is not just much more rare to need the beeps, but it is also very important to have a quick and easy toggle to turn speech on and off.


My suggestion is to have NVDA+S toggle between speech mode talk and speech mode off. And have the speech mode beeps be toggled on and off with a triple press of NVDA+S.






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