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What follows discusses creating a bug report issue in GitHub for NVDA, but as far as the process goes it's pretty much precisely the same except that you create a Feature Request rather than a bug report.  Even the steps leading up to that, as far as searching GitHub to determine if there may already be an issue, whether bug report or feature request, that's the same as what you are intending to submit are applicable.

You'd pick up in the first tutorial right around, "If you do not find an issue that matches yours, then you move on to creating a new issue using the New Issue button.  If you activate the New Issue button, you begin the sequence by selecting the Get Started button either for a Bug Report or Feature Request."  Then you'd go through creating a Feature Request, which is not documented in that tutorial as that was not its focus.

Creating an Issue in GitHub for NVDA

Creating a Github Account

MS-Word Fillable Form for an NVDA Bug Report Including Pre and Post Filling-Out Instructions

MS-Word Fillable Form for an NVDA Bug Report Including Only Post Filling-Out Instructions

How to Unprotect a Completed Fillable Word Form so the Entire Document Can Be Copied


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