Re: nvda ABBYY FineReader 12

Bogdan Onyshenko

Hello. Problem is in espeak NG itself. If it is set to English it would read any other language as latter by latter. Just set synthesizer language to Greak. Basicly, I have a same problem with Ukrainian.



От: marinos.poulimas
Отправлено: 17 апреля 2021 г. в 8:01
Тема: [nvda] nvda ABBYY FineReader 12


Good morning everyone calls me Marino I am from Greece I want to ask

what can I do to pass a book with the program ABBYY FineReader 12 1

month ago I had a computer with Windows 7 with the program ABBYY

FineReader 12 I had no problem I made that setting I wanted with the

program I had selected in the program the settings in the Greek language

and it worked very well in Windows 10 while I have selected the menu of

the program in the Greek language it continues to be in English I chose

any text file I wanted and I had no problem Now I have Windows 10 except

program ABBYY FineReader 12 in which Gianna I scan I do not have the

capabilities I had in Windows 7 here to add that in Windows 7 and

Windows 10 some text files from pdf to some other format such as txt doc

dogs NVDA reads capital letters or is in Greek or in English Reads them

one by one what I can do thank you all






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