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Sandra Pilz

Hi Ben,

Thanks for checking this for me.

However, I do have the accessibility tags option checked. I have updated both Office and Acrobat Reader DC. I am also using Office 365

I have now opened the exported PDF in Word again to see if word would still show the alt text and the table description. It didn't. It didn't even show the heading of the document, this is the main heading not a header of the table. However, the heading was present in Acrobat Reader, so I don't really understand what's going on here...

Do you have any idea what else I might check?

Thank you.



Am 16.04.2021 um 22:37 schrieb benmoxey@...:

Hi Sandra


I just tested this and the alt text title and long description for the table are present in the PDF.


In the export options, ensure “Document structure tags for accessibility” is checked. Note that I am using Microsoft 365, so the tags added to the PDF may have been enhanced since 2016.


Regarding the long description, if this information is essential for the user to understand the table’s contents, I recommend including it in the main body of the document, above the table. Many screen reader users will not know how to access the long description, so this approach ensures the information is easy to find.






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Subject: [nvda] PDF: Alternive Text and Desciption of tables




I have written a Word Document which has a table. In the table properties, I have added an alternative text and a description of the table. When I read the table in Word, NVDA will read the alternative text as well as the description. When I export the document to PDF, NVDA will neither read the alternative text nor the description. Is this because NVDA doesn't support this in Adobe DC, or is it that Word doesn't include the alternative text and table description?


The same is true for tables created in PowerPoint, when the files are exported to PDF.





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