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On Fri, Apr 16, 2021 at 03:21 PM, Fernando Henrique Botelho wrote:
I am not against the feature of beeps in place of speech, even though I do not know why would anyone use it. I am just suggesting a change in the NVDA interface, so an add-on is no longer needed.
And how would that work?  You've had several people tell you that they do use it and how.  The logical place for presenting the beeps speech option is exactly where it is, and since there are a number of people who do use it that's where it should stay.

The add-on fills your need, which prevents the need for tweaking core functionality that others actually do use.  Masking/hiding something that's part of the core functionality is one way this whole add-on concept is supposed to work, .  The other is adding functionality that's not yet, and may never become, part of the NVDA core.

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