locked Re: Where to send suggestions for NVDA?

Luke Davis

Responding to David's comments:
Personally I don't care either way. But if something is ever to be done about it, I would prefer the checkbox to disable in settings option, rather than the odd change in behavior that is being discussed.

I will say, however, that when doing a lot of work (editing audio comes to mind) that involves turning speech off and on many dozens of times in a session, it is surprisingly easy to accidentally press the sequence only once and end up in beeps mode unexpectedly. Something about muscle memory.
I still would not like to lose the feature though, as in other use cases it is as useful as silence can be.

That is why, if anything is done, I would prefer the settings checkbox option. Much more convenient to change than disabling and re-enabling the add-on.

Rui, as we talked about on this list last week in another thread: personally I use it to know that things are happening without being bothered by speech.
For example, as a compiler runs, it spits out maybe thousands of messages that I don't care about. Still, I need to know when they stop coming.
If I am encoding a file (MP3, MP4, etc.), it can be good to know that something is still happening, and I don't have to pay attention to that computer until it's done.

I use percentages for progress bars, and when i want to know about progress bars that is better than the harsh ascending beeps of NVDA's progress bar beep mode. But when I don't care about percentage, and just want to know when it's done, beeps speech mode is helpful.


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