Re: stream pc audio with nvda remote?

Luke Davis

There used to be software called Airfoil, that sent audio from one computer to any others. However it has been discontinued.

The spiritual successor seems to be this:
And before you ask: I don't know if it's accessible.

As for more DIY answers.

Doing this kind of thing was much more popular 10-15 years ago it seems.
Most of the solutions out there speak of Win 7, vista, or 98. Most software for doing it has gone away now, or can only be found in very old versions.

Pulseaudio can do this, but God bless you and help you if you decide to spend time working with Pulseaudio. Even I won't go near that one any more.

There are several possible solutions here:

The best one seems to be the Edcast -> Icecast answer, but even Edcast is only available in the Google Code Vault.

Another (partial) option might be this software here:

It claims to only work on the local network, but if you are clever with networking and such you might be able to convince it to work over a point to point VPN or something like that.

Were I to try this, I would probably use FFMpeg to pick up the local PCM stream, convert it to MP3 or OGG, pipe that into a local icecast server, and have your remote machine listen to that compressed stream.
Alternatively, you might be able to do something with VLC, but I'm no expert.

There are recipes out there for going from Linux to Windows via FFMPeg and FFPlay. I'm sure you could adapt those for Windows-to-Windows, using the loopback sound driver that Windows has.

Good luck.


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