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On Mon, Apr 19, 2021 at 01:23 PM, Gene wrote:
It looks as though when you follow the reply to sender link and you are using an e-mail program, that opens a browser
It shouldn't.  I'm not saying it doesn't, but that means something is configured wrong on the system in question.

The Reply to Sender link is a dirt common mailto: link.  Activating a mailto: link should cause the default e-mail mechanism, be it an email client or webmail if the "flow through" has been configured (and that's extra steps in many cases), to open and behave as I previously stated.  A web browser should not be opened unless the system in question has the default mail client set as a web browser.  If that's happening, if you activate a mailto link anywhere outside your e-mail client it will likely open up the web browser.  That can be tested on any webpage, usually Contact Us, that happens to have a mailto: link.  If people want to test using my webpage,, feel free to do so.  The main page has the word, with hyphen, e-mail immediately followed with a mailto link for the same address I use to subscribe here.  On systems where an email client is configured as the default email mechanism it should cause a compose window to open with my email address prepopulated in the To field.  When I activate it myself, I'm getting a pop-up dialog from the browser saying that it wants to open eM Client and would I allow that, and I have eM Client configured as my default email client at the moment on this machine.

As to lists, I agree a document would be handy, but that's outside of the scope of what I am discussing here.  I'm sticking to how works.

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