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On Mon, Apr 19, 2021 at 02:54 PM, Gene wrote:
I hope the discussion helps others with problems that might be resolved in this way.
As do I, and it's not limited to Windows, or Office, or NVDA, or any particular single thing or cluster of things.  Turning something off and on again, uninstalling/removing and then promptly reinstalling, or similar is one of the fundamental troubleshooting and diagnostic steps for anything.  We've seen plenty of instances over the years where toggling an NVDA setting that's misbehaving magically makes it behave again, even though what you're setting it to in the end is what it was set to in the beginning.

The one thing I'll add is that it's never a bad idea to toggle the setting, exit whatever it is you toggled it for, restart, then toggle it back.  That's not absolutely essential, but there are occasions where the straight toggle doesn't work, but where toggle-exit-restart-toggle does.  And, no, don't anyone dare ask me why, as no technician in the world has the answer to that mystery!

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