Re: Why is the NVDA report time not accurate to the second


I can't speak for the developers but I haven't seen any screen-reader that does that nor any talking clock. I believe there may be an NVDA add-on that allows the user to do this but I think most users would be really annoyed if that were the default behavior. I certainly wouldn't want to hear seconds announced as a general rule when I check the time.

I just checked and there is an add-on that will let you do all sorts of things with features regarding time.

Whenever you want to add functionality or be able to change something with more options, check to see if there is an add-on. Who knows what someone wanted and developed.


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Subject: [nvda] Why is the NVDA report time not accurate to the second

Hi friends,

As the title says, when you press NVDA + F12, only hours and minutes are reported, and seconds are not included.

By reading the source code of NVDA, I found that there may be a reason:

text=winKernel.GetTimeFormatEx(winKernel.LOCALE_NAME_USER_DEFAULT, winKernel.TIME_NOSECONDS, None, None)

Set the second parameter of this function to None to make NVDA's time report include seconds.
This is very Easy, I want to know why NVAccess did not do this? Is there something I overlooked?

Thanks every friend

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