Re: Question about compatibility of "Clock and calendar add-on"


On Wed, Apr 21, 2021 at 02:21 PM, Louise Pfau wrote:
Will there be updates to make it compatible with the latest version of NVDA?
Anything that is on the NVDA Stable Add-Ons page should be compatible with whatever the current version of NVDA happens to be.  There are plenty of times where the lines about the versions a given add-on will work with do not get updated in a timely manner.  But it is my understanding that the add-ons are tested as a part of the natural testing for NVDA as it's being developed, and if a given add-on doesn't work its developer will "have their cage rattled" to fix it and, if not fixed, it will be pulled from the stable add-ons page.  I'm sure I'll be corrected on that if it's wrong.

But anything compatible with 2019 should remain compatible with 2020, dot numbers not relevant in this case.

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