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Pranav Lal

Hi all,


I second third and whatever number that request for better powwerpoint support. I need to use the program all the time and NVDA’s support is significantly lacking. I have not tried jaws and narrator.


One problem is tables as has already been highlighted in this thread. The next issue is the reporting of object and slide alignment. I need to know if all elements on a slide are visible. Yes, we do get that announcement but suppose I have a table obscured by a picture, where should I move the picture to make sure that both the table and picture are visible?


The last issue is playing media in slide show mode. I cannot activate any media in slide show mode.


There is training material on Powerpoint from nvaccess but it does not cover the above points.



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Thank you, Ben and Eilana.


I agree, I think it would be good if we had better PowerPoint support. When I went to uni 10-15 years ago, I hardly ever had to use PowerPoint. Now I started another course and have to work through several presentations a week. And may be in business contexts, PowerPoint has been more widely used for a longer time.





Am 21.04.2021 um 06:19 schrieb Eilana Benish:

I also use JAWS as secondary screen reader

but JAWS does not read headings on my presentation. and I have title place Holder shape in each slide.

Also it seems that JAWS reads bulleted text as  graphics

Both NVDA and JAWS should recognize when the object is a shape with text in that shape, and when it is a picture…

And sometimes when I am moving with down arrow between slides in edit mode JAWS announces with each slide  the slide number and then the words know selection.

Come to think of it there are more issues regarding PowerPoint and I hope that JAWS and NVDA will improve the user experience in Microsoft PowerPoint.




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Hi Sandra


I’m pretty sure this is a current limitation. Happy to be corrected. *smile*






From: <> On Behalf Of Sandra Pilz
Sent: Saturday, 17 April 2021 2:25 AM
Subject: [nvda] PowerPoint: reading tables in presentation view




I use Office 365. When I open a presentation and activate presentation mode pressing F5, NVDA will not recognise tables, headings and so on where JAWS does. It would be helpful if I could read tables with NVDA in Presentation Mode, is this possible at all?








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