Re: suddenly object review quit working like it should


Sorry, had to laugh at the use of input help. Never seen that do any except tell you the keys you hit. For example, control + v should say paste, but it just states keys hit. Now it should state its use in all apps, but just keys hit.

Now the one in JFW is at least editable to assign what it don't know.

On 4/21/2021 3:05 PM, Jacob Kruger wrote:

Sarah, first thing I would check is if your keyboard input language hasn't changed by accident - keystroke combinations like either left alt + shift, or windows key + space bar can make this occur if you possibly have more than one language installed under win 10.

Secondly, make sure that if you turn on input help, and then press something like numpad insert + numpad 4, it reports that that keystroke is bound to navigating to the previous navigator object?

Secondly, if you have the obj pad add-on installed, you could try using the NVDA + ctrl + tab keystroke to cycle through it's navigation modes, since when it's set to object navigation mode instead of normal mode, you can use just normal cursor keys to try out forms of object navigation?

Here it is:

Good luck

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On 2021-04-21 05:02 PM, Sarah k Alawami wrote:

I can’t really describe this, but my pc curser used to follow the object review curser and I could just from anywhere check my objects in any window I was in by default. This quit working about a few days after I installed About NVDA Nonvisual Desktop Access (NVDA)

Version: 2020.4. I tried running the com reg tool twice. That worked but then it would not. I tried restarting nvda, that didn’t work. I mean the restart worked, but the object curser would not move. I would hear “no next object” and “no containing object even in object review. I can’t really restart with add ons disabled as I can’t tab tot eh ok button. It’s also liked my keys are stuck or something. I’ve been having that issue for ever now.


I’m running Windows 10 20H2 (64-bit) build 19042.928


The restart of nvda takes care of the not able to press tab  but it add ons disabled does not take care of the no containing object. I’m on outlook typing this right now and I try to just for grins navigate with object view and I cannot. I need to try and go up, find the outlook window, navigate by object into it and, it’s a mess. Sometimes that does not even work. I tried changing my display to something smaller and that worked for a bit, but now even that is failing.


I thought that this was browser only but now this object thing is happening in every app. Anything else I should try and do before I pull my hair out? Half of the stuff I use I rely on screen and object view, and I can’t even get screen review to work. The cursers no longer follow each other.  Is there a setting I unchecked in NVDA somewhere that I forgot about as well?


Take care all.

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