Re: NVDA - Inconsistent Behavior when working with MS-Outlook


Hmph, well you could have a mangled pst database they like to screw themselves to utter hell.

I don't use this myself but a user has a 3gb database with everything in inbox and unordered.

We got an office tech to help him.

His database is totally corrupted.

Now if only I can convince him to save his older mail or import it to his online google system, set the folders up that way, subscribe to all of them then delete all profiles, databases and accounts and manage it all from the web interface it would be fine.

The guy has imap and at least 3 other android phones and tablets and of course thats all dandy, windows though, happy I use thunderbird with important stuff outside it.

I havn't found a good solution thats accessibal enough to use to really fix a screwed up base but oh well.

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I am a IT guy trying to find solutions for a colleague who uses NVDA. A quick history. My colleague was first introduced to NVDA about a year ago when his computer was upgraded from Windows XP to Windows 10. This required a new screen reader solution which is when I found NVDA. He started using NVDA with relatively few issues and it was running well for the last year. He predominantly uses the desktop for email and OCR tasks so I had Office 2016 and Kurzweil 1000 installed. Recently his computer needed replacement so I set him up with a new computer with Windows 10 release 19042 and Office 2019. We immediately had issues with Outlook. Most of the issues revolve around opening of the email message. Initially I thought this may be due to the Office 2019 install so I rolled it back to Office 2016. This helped a little but issues still exist. One example that started today rather abruptly was that NVDA would read the header information for the message that was opened but would not read the body. I found that I could get some read by right clicking the mouse then left clicking, but that would only read the line the cursor was on. I’ve tried restarting both NVDA and Outlook as well as the computer without any success. I feel like I may not have Outlook or NVDA configured properly. Could anyone provide some insight on what maybe happening and any steps I could take towards rectifying it?


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