Re: suddenly object review quit working like it should


On Thu, Apr 22, 2021 at 04:20 PM, Luke Davis wrote:
Whether in browse mode or out, control+v does not announce as paste in input help as far as I can tell.
The description of NVDA Help (NVDA+1):  Pressing any key in this mode will report the key, and the description of any NVDA command associated with it
Note well what follows the word "and."  CTRL+V is not an NVDA Command, it is a Windows Command.  My understanding of both NVDA Help and its JAWS analog are that each will only present descriptions of key sequences that are associated with the screen reader functions, and nothing else.  Windows functions are not part of JAWS or NVDA nor are specific program shortcuts that the screen reader is interacting with.  I'd expect that giving any shortcut sequence not associated with NVDA itself will result in silence.

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