Is any one had the following browser problem with nvda?

hurrikennyandopo ...

hi guys

I had a person contact me about the following problem below.

I gave them a few suggestions to sus out first. One making sure there version of nvda is up to date and they do not have any add ons. They are using the chrome browser as well.

I got them to check also the time on the computer to see if it is still keeping time etc just in case it was causing problems with the time stamp with the browser and throwing up this problem.

Has any one else had this problem below? I have also got them to change there level to debug under general but it seems it only happens with a update of "Windows.

If you did have this problem how did you fix it?

Both my friend and I are visually impaired, so we still use a mouse with NVDA, my system is working very well but what is happening with my friend Karen’s on her laptop is every time Microsoft do a major upgrade her NVDA stops working.
when she tries loading a page off Google Chrome NVDA responds by saying Chrome legacy error and when she puts the mouse pointer over text it says null and will not read it.
The only way to fix this problem has been to totally remove NVDA and reinstall it and this works successfully each time
Her laptop is an Acer aspire, approximately 6 years old  end running windows 10 and Google Chrome browser.
I have tried changing the default browser to Edge but with the same results.

Gene nz

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