Re: Is any one had the following browser problem with nvda?


Chris, invoke the run dialog. Type cmd then hit control shift enter.
You'll get a UAC popup, to which you'll need to answer yes (alt y) to
get the elevated command prompt. Once that's done, if you press insert
t, you'll hear something similar, if not identical to, "administrator

On 4/23/21, Chris Smart <ve3rwj@...> wrote:
Hmm, the prompt is not looking any different no matter what I add to
Enter. what am I missing?

How can I tell I've launched the elevated prompt?

On 2021-04-23 7:58 p.m., Richard Wells wrote:
I Have to press SHIFT+CONTROL+ENTER to get the elevated prompt from the
run dialog.

On 4/23/2021 3:09 PM, Luke Davis wrote:
Jackie, at least in 20H2, that no longer seems to work. I noticed it
in passing last week, and just checked again per your comment.

Jackie wrote:

Might I also say that if you invoke the run dialog (windows key + r)
then type cmd & press *control+enter* as opposed to just enter alone,
you'll also get an administrative (elevated) command prompt.

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