Add-on Updater advisory for NVDA alpha users: update check results are not shown on screen


Hi all,

The following advisory is applicable if you are using Add-on Updater with NvDA alpha snapshots (which should not be many of you):

Due to changes in wxPython and removal of a constant used in it, Add-on Updater will not display update check results after initiating add-on update checks. This change affects any add-on that ships with its own dialog, including Add-on Updater.

I’m testing a potential solution and will include a fix as part of Add-on Updater 21.05 (next week at the earliest). For those using NVDA alpha builds, it will be a manual download; for people using 2020.4, this advisory is not applicable and therefore the new version will be pushed automatically. Speaking of 21.05, the new release will start checking for updates for newly registered add-ons such as WinWizard.



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