Re: Wordpad and police changes reporting


There is a setting in NVDA preferences that causes NVDA to announce formatting changes. Use NVDA key control d to open document formatting. Shift tab to the ok button, then shift tab once more. You will hear explanatory text, but if you wait or use read current line, you will hear "Announce formatting changes after the cursor (can cause a lag.) This is a check box.
Check the check bpox with the space bar and activate the ok button. Try moving through the document and see what happens. I haven't used the feature enough to know if it will announce formatting changes when you move as you wish.

Once you are finished using the feature, use the command NVDA key control r to remove the setting and return to the previous one. You will hear configuration applied. I won't go into that here.


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Sent: Saturday, April 24, 2021 1:10 AM
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Subject: [nvda] Wordpad and police changes reporting

Steps to reproduce:
- open new document in Windows Wordpad.
- type some texte.
- change the police attributes or color of some word.
- check all options of police group in "document formatting" NVDA settings category.

Now, review the document with uparrow or downArrow keys.
NVDA don't report formatting changes.

Is this a bad observation on my part or a bug in NVDA?

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