Re: Is any one had the following browser problem with nvda?



PowerShell replacing Command Prompt: it’s been like this since 1703 days.




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On Sat, Apr 24, 2021 at 10:52 AM, Greg Epley wrote:

That setting [Replace Command Prompt with Windows PowerShell] will be on by default for some users but off for others. I prefer it off myself, but that's me.

I want to say that the change occurred either at Version 1909 or 2004, but don't remember now.  It was a part of a feature update and everyone had PowerShell as the default immediately afterward.

I set that toggle off within days of whichever Feature Update is was that introduced it and defaulted the toggle to ON.

That's why I said Command Prompt or PowerShell in reference to what is in the menu brought up by WinKey+X.  I don't know who has this setting toggled in which direction, but an elevated Command Prompt or an elevated PowerShell will have Administrator as part of its window frame.

As Luke has noted, the actual command prompt you receive in the Command Prompt session will be your home directory for a regular session or C:\Windows\system32 for an elevated session.

In PowerShell, the actual command prompt is prefixed with PS before either your home directory in a regular session, or C:\Windows\system 32 in an elevated session.  I am using PowerShell 7, the latest version, when I use PowerShell at all.  I still favor Command Prompt just because it's familiar.


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