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Sounds interesting.

When the site says "coming soon to your mobile" - do you mean "iPhone" or will it be available for Android as well?  I notice the line further down which mentions working with VoiceOver, but doesn't say anything about TalkBack.

If so, will it be playable between platforms (ie I have an Android and my wife has an iPhone, will we be able to play each other)?

Kind regards


On Sat, Sep 10, 2016 at 4:53 PM, Žiga Hajduković <zigah111@...> wrote:

Hi, Christo,

We are a small indie gamedev studio (Dawn of Play), based in Slovenia, and are working on a spatial-memory game for two players.
Flip the Dice could fit what you're looking for:

Let me know, if it looks interesting to you - it is still in development, but I could provide you with a testflight beta build, if you want to try it out?

Kind regards!

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