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Quentin Christensen

Are they using a different colour, or are they using track changes?  In Word, there is a feature called track changes.  So, if you send me a document, I can turn on track changes, then read it and delete and insert text and make changes I want, then send it back to you.  The inserted text appears as red and with an underline.  Deleted text is red with strikethrough.  If that's what they've used, press alt+r, h, 1 to jump to the next change or alt+r, f to jump to the previous change.

In Word, you can also do a search (use CONTROL+H rather than CONTROL+F) and under "more" (ALT+M), go to "Format" (ALT+O) then select the appropriate format type (Font in this case) and settings (colour).

Once you search, you can then use CONTROL+PAGE UP and CONTROL+PAGE DOWN to move between instances of the specified formatting.  Note that track changes doesn't appear as a change in formatting, so you can't use this method for that.  But it works great if they have actually changed the font colour.

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On Sat, Apr 17, 2021 at 6:37 AM Fernando Henrique Botelho <fbotelho@...> wrote:

Dear all,


Does NVDA offer a way to read only the text which is shown in red, or only the text which is shown in a color other than the predominant color in a given e-mail message or Word/Excel document?


I sometimes get e-mail messages where someone has made comments in a color which is different from that of the text being commented. I am hoping there is a quick way to tell NVDA to just read that portion of the document.






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