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This is an instance where I am invoking group rules and locking a topic.  It has been made abundantly clear in the Welcome Message, Monthly Reminder, and several Admin Notices that out-of-support software is not to be discussed on the NVDA Group, only the Chat Subgroup.  Outlook Express has been out of support for many years now and on top of that poses a security risk to use.  From the Welcome Message that includes the Group Rules:

The discussion of software on the NVDA Group is limited to software currently in support.  Depending on the type of software, specific version numbers will change with time.  Users are expected to know what remains in support and what has been dropped, and announcements will be made to this group when new software is released. It should be assumed that, when a new version of software is released, primary discussion will take place on that version, not versions of software which are years old. 

Unsupported versions of any software may only be discussed on the Chat Subgroup, not the main NVDA Group. 

This topic is now locked.  Reply using the Reply to Sender link in the original message for private replies or start a topic on the Chat Subgroup or elsewhere.

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